DJing Your Own Wedding

Posted by on 5/15/2014 to Audio

Dancing is a must at every wedding and DJing is a very important part to any event to get people involved and on the floor. A professional DJ is a great way to go but they can be quite expensive and if it is not in the budget then DJing your own wedding is the next option. The benefit to DJing your own wedding is you have complete control over the playlist and are able to replay your playlist for the rest of your lives. It can still be a little intimidating but here are some tips to DJing your own wedding. Feel free to add your own tips.


Amplification matters. The most important thing is to have the right volume at your event. Having too much amplification is never a bad thing because you can always turn down the music, but if you start out with a small system you're going to be clipping your music at the top end and can sound really bad. So make sure you match your system to the size of room you're playing it in.

Cross-fading keeps from awkward moments. If there is much time in between songs you can lose a lot of energy and create an awkward moment for your guests. If you're playing from an Itunes playlist then make sure the cross-fade option is on and keep the downtime to a minimum since you only have so much time in one night.

Play music that's relevant. Nothing shows your more incapable of being a DJ than playing music that doesn't fit the event. If you want people to slow dance then put a classic song on that everyone will know and recognize. If you want people to start moving play a hip song that may be popular on the radio right now so people can't help but move a little.

Play a mix of music for all ages. You may have had a blast at the last rave listening to Nicki Minaj but grandma might be wishing she was everywhere but your wedding if "Super Bass" comes on. Put a mixture in there for all ages without the extremes.

Think about the flow of your playlist. When you start out the night it's nice to have some slow classical pre-wedding music building up to the toasts. After the toasts it's nice to slow it back down with some sentimental music for the slow dances with father and bride. After the tears have been shed build it back it up so you end the night on a happy high note maybe showing everyone what your speakers can do. 

Lock your Ipod. Guests love to throw in a request for that song they can't get out of their head but this is your night and your songs. Throw your Ipod or computer on lock so those pesty guests get to enjoy your music.